H-D Soldier Stories: One Wet One!

H.O.G. members go “deep” into Harley Military history in Guam.


Hafa Adai (greetings) from Guam! These photos are of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that sits in about 30 feet of water in Apra Harbor, Guam. This bike was used during World War II. After the war ended, Seabees and Marines dumped tons of unusable vehicles and gear overboard from barges. It’s unknown whether the bike was used by the Japanese during the occupation of Guam or whether it was used by Marines during the island’s liberation. Either way, it’s a reminder of Harley-Davidson’s contribution to, and impact on, the military and U.S. history.

Pete Siguenza, Vice Director
Mariana Islands H.O.G. Chapter, Guam

See Story: http://goo.gl/nYjpNL

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