H-D Garage Party: Not Your Typical Night Out!

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H-D Garage Party events are designed for women looking for hands-on demos and tips before getting behind the handlebars for the first time.

What you’ll learn:

Motorcycling Basics: We’ll go from headlights to tailpipes to teach you the basics. Afterwards, you’ll be up to speed on everything from learning to ride with confidence, to the gear that fits your style.

Get Geared Up: Find the style of gear for your style of ride. From leather and studs for the daring to sleek lines for the sophisticated. Try it all and see what suits you.

How To Pick Up A Bike: Learn the right way to lift a bike that’s on its side — it’s all about leverage. We’ll show you how.

Find The Right Fit: Don’t worry about fitting the bike, we make the bike fit you. Customize any Harley-Davidson motorcycle to ride comfortably and confidently.

Make It Personal: Find out how you can make your H-D motorcycle truly unique by adding Genuine Motor Accessories like saddlebags, engine accessories and custom paint.

Find an H-D Garage Party near you! http://goo.gl/Cxs42k

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